Daniele Ranieri

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Construction and restoration
of string instruments


Violas and Cellos

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I quench my insatiable thirst
with the gouge and chisel work
And with craftsmanship and unwavering faith,
to violins and cellos i give life!
But when the spirit calms down at the sound
and a blissful vibrating of strings gladdens me,
a stronger love for them distresses me:
“They are sacred, they are children, they are those
That the art of the fathers renew for me!”


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There is a workshop in Rome that holds a secret made of history, art and passion. Here the wood is transformed, it comes to life, it is enriched with ancient knowledge, transforming itself into a dream.

From the hands of the young but old-fashioned luthier Daniele Ranieri, handmade musical instruments are given life; they will give notes and atmospheres all over the world.

Violins, Violas and Cellos, which hide an inscription inside and exhale a scent of resins, will vibrate with their souls to satisfy your senses.

My works


Realization on the model Guarneri, Stradivari, Amati and personal forms.


Made on the Stradivari, Ornati model. Measures 39,5cm - 40,5cm - 41cm - 42cm - 43cm.


Realization on the Stradivari model.

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